Welcome to Injunuity, an animated documentary about contemporary Native American thought Directed by Adrian Baker. Starting in March 2013, a new short piece will roll out every month featuring animation of differint themes ranging from Native American language preservation to a comedy skit by the 1491s. Injunuity features music by AudioPharmacy and illustrations by Jesse Hernandez.

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Injunuity:Buried, Injunuity:Turtle Island, Injunuity:Anthem, Injunuity:Tongues, Injunuity:Wampum, Injunuity:Res Babies 1491s, Injunuity:The Great Law, Injunuity: Two Spirits, Injunuity:Message to America


Production Team
Director and Producer: Adrian Baker
Producer: Manny Lieras
Producer: Tane Ross (Inunjuity 2)
Executive Producer for ITVS (Injunuity 1): Sally Jo Fifer
Executive Producer for Vision Maker Media: Shirley K. Sneve

Animation Team
Director of Animation: Tane Ross
Lead Artist/keyframer: Jesse Hernandez
Assistant Artist/Layouts: Jamar Logan
Production Artist/Inker (Injunuity 1): Charlene Kelley

Sound Team
Sound Engineer (Injunuity 1): J. Todd Garrison
Music: Audio Pharmacy
Field Interviewer (Injunuity 1): Anecita Hernandez
Field Interviewer (Injunuity 2): Gina Tiger

Web Team
UX and UI Design: Tane Ross
Drupal and Backbone Development: Henrik Norberg